President Trump keeps exceeding my expectations

During election campaign I perceived Trump not much more than a big mouth, a Big Government proponent that typically creates more problems than it solves, and my guy was Ted Cruz. However, now I like Trump's actions more and more. To the degree he understands the world he acts very favorably for the cause of freedom. Now he quit the Paris accord- a scheme to rob developed nations in order to give money away to retarded nations and to their totalitarian bosses. Robbing Peter to give to lazy Paul is always double bad- it discourages both hard working Peter and lazy Paul to work. That's why socialism never works and free market always does. In more general sense- that's why freedom (self-regulation with the feed-back loop) always works and totalitarianism screws thing up in proportion to the oppression of freedom. In general elections I voted for Trump and now I am getting more and more satisfied with my decision. Good job, Prez !Keep it up !

Cassius Clay AKA Mohammed Ali. Great boxer, otherwise POS

Leftist media hyper inflate hysteria about Cassius Clay aka as Muhammed Ali. Why? Because he also was an enemy of freedom, one of them. Yes, he was a great boxer. And that's it. Otherwise he was a piece of crap- black racist (main kind of racism as of today is black racism, mainly anti-white racism) that hated his own country, the land of opportunity that made him a multimillionaire, who decided to reject the most humane philosophy of Judeo-Christianity and converted to Islamo-Fascism, the anti-humane genocidal cult. RIP, Cassius, the world will be a better place with one less racist, bigot and Islamo-Fascist. No respect.

Media paid much less attention to the much greater figure in sport who deserved huge respect as a person too- Gordey Howe, arguably the best hockey player ever- at least that's what Wayne Gretzky said, another candidate for the best player. He was a non-compromising fighter on ice but the nicest person in life. RIP. Respect.

Islamo-Fascism in Paris
The closer thugs get to the first Muslim terrorist Muhammed the more murderous they become.
Yes, you meet some good people of Muslim origin- those whe do not follow anti-humane genocidal Sharia laws, but there is no such thing as good Islam. Genocide, murder, wat is the original Islam. In many non-Arab countries Muslims did not understand what they are praying about until paid by Saudi pertodollars preachers bought their mosques and translated what is in Islam (translation-submission): genocide, jihad, rape, torture and destruction of the world. As soon as Muslims understand true Islam they become terrorists and enemies of the world.
French have kissed Muslims' a*s for years- it didn't do any good to them. Merkel is bringing those murdorous rapist to Germany to slit their throats and to serve as gravediggers for the whole European civilization. Meanwhile all socialist governments in EUrope, being the enemies of the people, disarmed the citizens so they cannot fight neither enemy-neither their crazy leftist governments nor the Islamo-Fascists.

Here's what my friend John writes about Paris:
"16 Nov 15 "I always believe in being prepared, even when dressed in white tie and
tails." Patton Post-Paris, 2015
Do you think the French have finally learned their lesson about “
no-policing zones” in Muslim neighborhoods?
Over here, the BHO Administration, even now yet locked in its leftist
fantasy world, has apparently learned nothing! From the White House, we’ve
heard little more than hand-wringing drivel of bleating sheep. Pompous
weasel-words, the language of liberals, designed to mean nothing, offend no one,
and commit themselves to no course of action.

While assuring us that ISIS has been “contained,” a laughable absurdity,
BHO still can’t get the phrase, “radical Islam” to come out of his mouth!
And, even after last week’s events in France, he insists on importing
thousands of military-age Islamic “refugees,” with no conditions, while
simultaneously releasing Gitmo detainees. More than a few of us are openly
speculating about whose side he is really on!
In Paris, pitiable hostages used social media to send desperate pleas for
help, appealing to police to respond immediately, in order to save them from
certain death. They indicated that their captors were casually shooting
them to death, one by one. French citizens paid a terrible price Friday
for being unable to defend themselves in any effective way, as dictated by
current French law. “Tweets” were the only weapons they had!
When that awful moment comes my way, for one, I will not be responding to
such bestial violence with “tweets,” but rather with fast-moving
.355-caliber projectiles (at least until I can get to my rifle)! Of course, there
are no guarantees, but for one, I will go down fighting, rather than
surrender to these modern-day savages for whom wanton murder is part of their “religion.”
It is obvious that the BHO Administration’s agenda does not include
protecting American citizens from terrorist attacks, attacks that ISIS has
already promised are coming our way soon.
Down here at the peon-level, every American better understand that we are
on our own. Whatever protection we enjoy, we’ll have to provide ourselves.
My advice:
Stay alert and aware
Have a plan
Buy guns, ammunition, blades.
Get trained in their effective use
Go armed
“A well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained in
arms, is the best most natural defense of a free country.”
“Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike citizens of
other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.
”James Madison

To Liberty, my love

Oct 27, 2015. To LIBERTY, my love
On freedom’s face I see no blight
No matter what the state of mind
(Be it a vagal rest/digest
When I’m relaxing in my nest
Or bloody wounds and bones crush
Adrenaline’s pulsating rush
With sympathetic fight or flight
With fainting end-of-tunnel light).
In winning time, in years of plight
It’s most trustworthy house of light.
With eagle tearing liver, beak on,
Still Prometheus had its beacon.
Progress’ the only mighty engine
You’re free? Don’t have to be you edgy.
Free markets plus the freer people
Will make us win- not double: triple!
Along with healthy demographic
Prosperity’s assured traffic
Add self-reliance, working hard-
The way to proud, happy heart.
But here must I plainly state:
Just watch your enemy, the state
For it is vicious, it is cunning!
To grab your power and your money-
Its’ sole purpose (hidden well)
So guard yourself your freedom’s well.
Vladimir Murzin


Все самозваные "лидеры" всех групп на самом деле-худшие враги группы, которую они притворяются представлять. Они есть правительство или микроправительство в своей группе, и, как любое правительство, они враги своего народа. Идиот Римский Папа как глава церкви=правительства католиков =враг верующих католиков и католической религии. Сейчас этот придурок провёл тур по Северной Америке. поп-социалист продвигает обамунизм и выступил в клубе тиранов и исламофашистов, также известном как ООН. Он, как попка дурак, повторял левацкий набор чепухи про "социальную справедливость", про бредRтину "глобального потепления" и прочей бредятины социалистов и леваков всех мастей. Левые убеждения- диагностический признак психического заболевания левизны. К сожалению, при тяжёлой степени дебильности это не только детская болезнь левизны- у демократов и социалистов повреждение мозга не проходит до конца их жизни. Джихадисты оккупироют Европу и хотят закопать в земью самую высокую на планете Европейскую цивилизацию, и левацкие правительства Европы изо всех сил помогают им убить Европу. Все тоталитаристы, в том числе правящие левые партии Европы-враги своего народа. Они судебным преследованием затыкают рот любому, кто говорит, что так называемые "сирийские беженцы"- это часть джихада, уничтожения всех культур и цивилизаций, чтобы антицивилизация исламо-фашизма потопила в крови весь мир, чтобы вся планеты стала халифатом вроде Исламского "государства". Джихад убивает цивилизации разными способами- геноцид, демографически, через суды, промыванием мозгов через своих союзников леваков, которые тоже ненавидят индивидуальную свободу и за которых исламо-фашисты голосуют в самоубийственной Европе. СМИ ослепляют народ, правительства обезоруживают народ и завозят вагонами джихадистов, могильщиков Европы, вместо того, чтобы установить минные поля на пути дикарей-оккупантов и топить их суда торпедами.
А РИмский попка-дурак своим замогильным голоса графа Дракулы, как паршивый гипнотизёр, пытаются убедить верующих, чтобы они тоже, как и он, делали всё для разрушения своей же религии, для разрушения индивидуальной свободы, для разрушения единственного источника прогресса и благосостояния- свободного рынка. Правители католиков, как все другие правительства, действую ради краткосрочных интересов, предже всего чтобы захапать себе побольше денег и власти, а завтра хоть трава не расти. Как всегда- ГВН, государство-враг народа, на любом уровне, и чем дальше от народа уровень конкретного органа управления-тем худший враг народа оно. Принцип субсидиарности- все решения, что можно принять на уровне индивидуума и семьи, должны быть приняты на этом уровне. Если индивидуум/семья решает, что имеет смысл делегировать крохотную долю решений вышестоящим органам-(церковная община, профессиональные ассоциации, Муниципальное правительство) тогда те имеют право помочь индивидуумам. Если местно правительство не в силах справиться- тогда оно решает крохотную часть решений делегировать региональному/провинциальному правительству, а то, в свою очереднь, малую току отправляет центральномы/федеральному правительству. Т.е. в идеальном случае почти всё решается самими людьми, без интервенции врага народа- государства. Европейцам сейчас надо идти на курсы физической самообороны от джихадистов, могильщиков цивилизации, которым помогает враг народа-правительство, государство. Потом надо восстановить право на ношение оружия и право на самооборону. Каждый человек должен иметь три вида вооружения- охотничье ружьё для охоты, пистолет/револьвер для защиты от неорганизованной преступности и винтовку/автомат для защиты от организованной преступности. в том числе от государства как самого организованного вида преступности, врага народа номер один. К сожалению, государство- необходимое зло, но народ должен давать ему лишь 5% ов ГДП и право заниматься лишь криминалами и охраной границ. Свиное рыло государство не должно лезть в экономику и общество. Экономика должна управляться на 100% свободным рынком, а общество- самоуправлением граждан.

1%: Eternal target of all totalitarians, fascists, marxists, leftist, "collectivists" and the like

February 19, 2015 2:23PM Bipartisan Baloney About Top 1 Percent Income Gains By Alan Reynolds
In the State of the Union address on January 20, President Obama said, “those at the top have never done better… Inequality has deepened.” The following day, Fox News anchor Brett Baier said, “According to the work of Emmanuel Saez, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, during the post-recession years of 2009-2012, top earners snagged a greater share of total income growth than during the boom years of 2002-2007. In other words, income inequality has become more pronounced since the Bush administration, not less.”
Senator Bernie Sanders agrees that “in recent years, over 99 percent of all new income generated in the economy has gone to the top 1 percent.” And Senator Ted Cruz likewise confirmed that, “The top 1 percent under President Obama, the millionaires and billionaires that he constantly demagogued earned a higher share for our income than any year since 1928.”
When any statistic is so politically useful and wildly popular among left-wing Democrats and right-wing Republicans you can be pretty sure it’s baloney. Bipartisan baloney.
In November 2013, I wrote that, “Because reported capital gains and bonuses were…shifted forward from 2013 to 2012 [to avoid higher tax rates], we can expect a sizable drop in the top 1 percent’s reported income when the 2013 estimates come out a year from now. The befuddled media will doubtless figure out some way to depict that drop as an increase.” As predicted, the New York Times took one look at a 14.9% drop in top 1% incomes and concluded that “The Gains from the Recovery are Still Limited to the Top One Percent” That involved slicing the same old baloney very badly.
Three weeks later, on until February 17, The New York Times finally made a modest gesture of repentance. In “Inequality Has Actually Not Risen Since the Financial Crisis,” David Leonhardt professed amazement at his own title. “How could that be?” This supposedly shocking revelation came from Stephen Rose, one of several liberal/progressive economists who do not let a policy agenda cloud their judgment about data.
“Fascinatingly,” writes Leonhardt, “Mr. Rose’s case is not based on a new or previously undiscovered data set. It’s based on the same statistics most commentators have been using to discuss inequality.” No kidding. On January 6, Gary Burtless of Brookings Institution wrote, “Since 2000 pre-tax and after-tax incomes have improved among Americans in the bottom 90% of the income distribution. Among Americans in the top 1% of the distribution, real incomes sank.” I had earlier displayed the same Piketty and Saez data shown in the nearby graph to make the same point.
All anyone ever had to do was look at the data shown in the graph, which shows average real income of the top 1% from Table A-6 in Piketty and Saez. Top income spiked in 2012 to avoid the Obama tax increases, as I predicted, then fell 14.9% in 2013. I have averaged 2012 and 2013 as Saez requests, to gloss over any embarrassment. Even so, the 2012-2013 incomes of the top 1% were clearly much lower than in 2005-2007, and had not even climbed back to the previous peak of 1999-2000.
Leonhardt just can’t bring himself to admit that top incomes have not only “not increased” but declined. Top 1% income in 2012-13 was down 20.6% since 2007 and down 11.2% since 2000. Anyone who claims to see a continuous upward trend in top 1% incomes isn’t looking at the right data (OR IS A LIAR !!)
1) Frankly saying, it's irrelevant. The only question one needs to ask is "Are the poorest and the middle class getting richer"? If the answer is "yes" then the 1% is totally irrelevant. If a billionaire instead of 5 now has 6 billions- it won't change his life at all, but if a poor earned extra $10,000 due to less government regulations and thanks to the only engine of progress- free market, then it is a big deal.
2) The Left of all stripes (Democrats in the US, Hitler's national socialists or European social democrats) are parties of 1% and 51%:
a) they want 51% of population to be beggars that depend on government redistribution, on RObin Hood bureaucrats, punishing success and rewarding lazyness and parasitism
b) they want the incumbent cronies, the 1% to grab more money and to redistribute to the ruling class, to the government. Free market is ruled by free competition, by the laws of nature, laws of the market (which are as objective as the law of gravity but the left is notorious for ignoring 99% of science because it can use only Darwin's origin of humans to destroy the most prevalent force of individual liberties- religious conservatives). Crony capitalism, the enemy of free market capitalism, is ruled by Big GOvernment bureaucrats. That's why Stossel calls it "crapitalism".
The only possible freedom is individual freedom- private property as enocomic freedom and individual liberties as the political freedom from people's enemy- the state, the government.
Nothing is black and white in this world, so the higher %% of free paople and free market- the more prosperous and happier society it is.

Meghan Trainor's revolt in defense of Natural Law

Watch the clip first, read lyrics and then will discuss it
What Trainor accomplished already is quite significant and it might grow even bigger. I am not saying it was a cognitive effort on her part because most likely it was not. Artists operate on the subconscious level (Remember the poet from Karel Capek's novel that witnessed car versus pedestrian collision and remembered nothing of the event but described in details in his poem, although in allegoric form?). However, it is a clear rebellion against imposed be several detachments of the totalitarian Leftist crowd in their cultural war against liberties. Let's analyze some of them. All regiments of the totalitarian Leftist armies hijacked different movements with nice-sounding themes / mottoes to recruit more sheep into the Leftist crowd in their super-task to destroy all that has to do with freedom: free market, free will and individual liberties (under totalitarian disguise of "collective liberties, collective rights, collective responsibility" and similar fascist ruses)
In general they stole based liberty liberal movement and turned it into today's anti-liberal "progressive" movement (which is no more progressive than progressive spinal syphilis). Government is a universal weapon of all totalitarians, so the Left pushes for Big Government control of every aspect of life (like fascist Mussolini said- everything through the government, nothing outside the government). To do that the Left infiltrated all the structures, institutions and movements, starting from education, then cultural war to turn free prosperous men into the beggars, serfs of Big Government.
Some of the Lefties hijacked old feminist movement for EQUAL women's rights and turned it into today's Femi-Nazis movement of female chauvinists- I call them "spotted hyenas packs" because of identical behavior- that hate men, want to replace discrimination against women with discrimination against men instead of equal rights.
Some Lefties hijacked environmental concerns and turned environmental movement into anti-free market movement while true capitalism (free of government interventions market), is THE ONLY engine of progress and improvement of life quality. They claim they "love nature" but in fact they just hate mankind and they want to destroy all men (except themselves, the "liberal" golden billion") to save the planet from humans. To make long story short, you can analyze every aspect of society yourself, so let's go back to the song.
One of powerful tricks in the Leftists' sleeve is guilt. In the course of cultural war against common sense (base of conservatism) they want you to feel guilty for being what you are. They brainwash you that "you are guilty of consuming Earth resources, producing CO2, destroying environment, you are guilty of living decent life while majority of Earth population starve" and all that Marxist crap about "social justice, forced redistribution of wealth, equality" and the like. Of course, those delusional Lefties don't tell you that the only way to improve lives is to have more free market to deliver prosperity. Economy is not a "monopoly" board game with zero sum- the more freedom the more wealth of the nation is being created. And vice versa- the more Big Government and socialists re-distribute wealth from makers to takers the less national wealth is left. Just look at the same people- socialistic North Korea at night is a black spot from satellite view because of "equality of poverty" while capitalistic South Korea is full of light and prosperity. Same was with East and West Germany- the more "social justice" the poorer population is (except ruling elite).
The rule of thumb is "The worst enemies of the groups that consider themselves disadvantaged are their own self-appointed bosses"
So, Meghan Trainor has a courage to stand up against those cliches of the Leftist cultural war.
Her quest is to bring self-esteem and self-respect to the women that are completely normal- they need to attract as many as possible males to pick the best one for mating; to have some fat to carry and nurse babies. As Trainor announces: Hey, I'm bringing booty back.
The Laws of Nature, including self-preservation and self-interests are outlawed by the the human-hating totalitarians of any stripe (commies, islamists, Democrats and other brands of socialists). So, you already see push-back in media coming from Femi-Nazis and other Leftist freaks attacking Meghan for simple statements of reality because in this cultural war of the Left truth is the new hate crime.

Islam as it is

российская сторона во взаимодействии с представителями Международного комитета Красного Креста напра
Поляризация и размежевание происходят по всему свету, как обычно перед мировыми войнами. У Путина просто не было иного выхода, как спасать "своих" от западно-украинских нацистов. Само собой, "гуманитарная миссия" лишь удобное прикрытие, а суть- остановить геноцид и этническую-религиозную чистку Новороссии (Восточной Украины) нацистским режимом Киева. Иначе Путина восприняли бы как предателя. Естественно, Путин делает это не из-за того, что он любит свободу, а потому что его геополитические интересы совпадают со спасением Восточной Украины от геноцида. Ну и слава богу, не важно, почему вытаскивают из огня, главное- факт спасения.